Ellipse Machine; abs; stretching. Walked back. Michelle or I am moving out soon. We are blue, obviously. Obviously.
Things were well-yummy.
I only had ten minuted to do an erg because of the time.
In the beginning there was URBAN.NET And Chris felt the pull of creativity The need to begin a community.
I had my dream: my own copy of Caucus and my own Server -- what to name it?
I had the domain name URBAN.NET and I wanted to create a community based on urban people and their wants and needs.
So, my obsession with Fitbit, Runkeeper, and MyFitnessPal has been an absolutely essential part of my essential weight management and health maintenance…
I chose Instagram as ground zero for Live Tweeting events because with just a little set-up, you can take just one filtered square photo with your…
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